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don’t date boys who skip leg day

Anonymous whispered,

How long do your Ink It Lab charms usually take to arrive in the mail after ordering? Production time is apparently 10 days but I'm not sure if that means production takes up to 10 days or that's the average time

I give them a minimum of 15 business days from when i put in the order. 10 days is the maximum in my experience, and they ship priority mail within the US (2-3 days), but just because it’s “up to” 10 doesn’t mean i should hope they finish sooner XD if that’s what you were hoping? I try to have leeway to account for whatever problems may arise either on their end, my end (messed up files for example) or the USPS end. So i would say 3 weeks is safest and that’s when i usually put in my order. 

I’m convinced my best work is in my “my gif” tag

A Warning



Some of you may be curious as to why I was upset at Otakon on Saturday. I just need to get this out and clear the air. Yea, I am still hurt and I feel betrayed by this and it’s been feeding my growing distrust of fellow artists. I understand that my post may result in a public backlash but I can’t…

ughhhhh I’m incredibly sorry. I know I can’t make it up to you with fucking up the print exchange. It’s why Shy is usually in control of handling our trades that we have to ship out becuase she handles all our online stuff. I’m usually too scatter brained w/ returning to work after conventions. I’m horrible about that so I take 100% responsibility for being a dumbass and letting down your standards of people. I can PM you about that in a sec.

As far as the Mordin print- I just wanted to make a bust shot w/ the most heart breaking quote in the game relating to my most fav character, as well as having a Thane and Tali w/ similar heart breaking slogans. Yes remember chatting w/ you last year and still have your print!  I’m honestly not sure what I can say for myself besides I had no intention in ripping off your art or any other artist in anyway @ _ @;; I just wanted to draw Mordin w/ the sea shell instead of a flower crown because I thought that would be adorably heart breaking and his final farewell because my heart strings.  I didn’t have your drawing in mind when I made my Mordin, and if there was lingering influence/inspiration of yours in my head when I came up with it, it’s not something I realized given how common it felt w/ the character’s backstory and impactful moments from the game.

I think you have every right to be upset so I have no qualms w/ you posting this. I understand as much as I can for being a dope and fucking up so again- I’m sorry for what it’s worth and I hope this helps a bit? You can always send me a message through tumblr.


I am reblogging this for full disclosure for those who are following this. I can not say what goes on in a person’s head. I can only say I personally feel if this were the truth this should not have had to go public the way it did considering my efforts to keep it private. That is all I have to say on this incident and I believe I now have the closure and answers I was seeking. 

Thank you for people who showed support up to this point, truly and from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys, as always.

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i love you guys thanks so much really really really i’ve been sitting on this for so long so it just really means a lot that my friends and followers support me even if it’s just you guys even if the rest of tumblr turns on me i feel like i can get through it ; u;

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Huff well there it goes. What happens will happen, at least now i’m free. 

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A Warning

Some of you may be curious as to why I was upset at Otakon on Saturday. I just need to get this out and clear the air. Yea, I am still hurt and I feel betrayed by this and it’s been feeding my growing distrust of fellow artists. I understand that my post may result in a public backlash but I can’t stay silent. I would feel guilty if this happened to anyone else and I didn’t do a thing to prevent it. 

Before I get to Otakon, let me provide some context. 

Last year at AWA (Awa 2013, September) I met Coeykuhn at the artist alley. I had seen his art around the web a lot and really admired his style. I asked, with no expectations, if he did print trades. He said yes, and on Sunday I showed him my booth and he picked out two prints of mine that i then gave him, my Mordin print (as well as my Journey print) pictured below:

It was clear we both loved Mordin when we spoke. I told him I would love a copy of his Journey print in exchange for my two prints, but he told me he was out of stock in the smaller size i wanted. However, he and ShyCustis offered to ship the print to me saying it would not be a problem because they ship orders all the time. I insisted on paying them the shipping charge at the very least (about $5 we thought), and i filled out one of their standard pre-printed shipping slips with my address and contact information. ShyCustis specifically tells me that she will email me before shipping to double check my address because copy and pasting the address is less error prone that writing it from the paper. I go home happy, meeting such esteemed and talented artists as well as awaiting a beautiful print. 

Fast forward a month or two later. I hear nothing about my print, nothing in the mail, no notifications. But honestly, I was not surprised. Artists are busy people, we have hectic schedules and things to do. I understand. So I emailed them in November because I moved and changed addresses. image

It was the right email address btw. It’s the one on his tumblr, unless they post a fake one and have no way to contact them with. 

No reply. And I never got a reply. But you know, I guess I didn’t really care that much because $5 isn’t that much money and they are probably very busy people. They probably forgot about me. Again, understandable. I will see them at other cons or email them some day, etc.





Fast forward to Otakon, this August (Otakon 2014, August)

On Saturday morning I was walking the alley before opening. I knew before this that Coeykuhn was going to be at Otakon, so I was hoping to ask him if I could just pick up the print we originally traded in person. NBD, just say I understood how busy people were and it would totally fine to get the print now (or even prep it for AWA 2014). But instead, I walk up to his table to see this:


And that breaks my heart.

It really does.

Because how does someone forget about you if they spend time recreating your print? 

I’m going to be frank, this would not have bothered me at all had he not ignored me. I know he loves mordin as much as I do, I know he was affected by the character as much as me and similar motifs are bound to happen when drawing the same subjects. I would have loved even bought a copy in better circumstances.. but instead, as a fellow artist, he ignored me. If we were STRANGERS this could have at least been chalked up to coincidence (“similar ideas thought by different people” right?). But we aren’t. He ignored me for a year, and then proceeded to reproduce a print I physically gave him in person. 

Pretty much everyone i spoke to told me should “go public” about this, but I sent him a private email instead after Otakon, hey they could have lost the slip AND didn’t get my first email right? 


All I wanted was an explanation, an apology maybe. As you may have suspected, he never responded. Not even to tell me he was too busy to reply. Not a peep, haha. I really wish he did because that’s all i wanted and gave him ample time to.

As I’ve said in the email, this is in no way “tracing” or “illegal”. Hell it’s only fanart, all fanart is basically illegal so we’re in the same boat there. It’s not like he stole my IP, it’s Bioware’s IP! I am not asking for public credit or acknowledgement. So let’s be clear, that’s not my problem in this situation.

My problem is that this is a betrayal. It is a deliberate breach of trust between artists. I essentially, for all intents and purposes, PAID TO GIVE him my art and my concept for this print. I paid him to ignore me. I paid him to not even privately speak to me, not even privately tell me he was busy, not even privately tell me he wanted to make a print like mine. I paid. I paid in money. I paid in prints. I paid in trust.   

So now what? Nothing, I guess.  There’s no legal recourse I am seeking. I only want to know why someone would do that. Why would you ignore someone for so long, only to reproduce their idea? Why would you lead someone to believe they had been forgotten when there was no way they could be? I don’t even want the traded print back anymore. I don’t think i could look at it. Did someone else go through what I did for it to be made?

And that makes me wonder, how many others? How many people has he “forgotten”? How many orders has he never shipped? How many ideas he spontaneously comes up with? How many artists less popular than he, did he did this to? If you show him art, will he do this do it? If you trade him art, will he do this? If he makes a new print, did he do this to someone else to make it? How many pieces have this kind of origin? How many artists will be betrayed after me? How many before me? And how many will never come forward? 

All I wanted was an apology, I didn’t and do not want a cessation of sales, I didn’t want some grand gesture. I just wanted a private explanation of action. I got nothing, of course. But now I feel I just have to say this to get this off my chest and let other artists know. There will be people who think I am being frivolous and shouldn’t be upset, but I want to believe i belong in a community that values and respects each other as creators. This situation makes me feel the exact opposite. I can only hope I warn others who feel and want the same as me.

Update: you may read his reply here

Update: shycustis has now messaged me to offer a refund or to send the print out now, i desire neither but would like people to know she did offer.

Anonymous whispered,

I love your tutorials! Thank you so much for creating them :) I was wondering if it would be ok to ask you about sketching advice? Often I've found that my sketches are rigid or use too many strokes and I'm not sure how to fix them. I admire your sketches for being simple and flowing and I would love if you could share some advice on how to achieve that sort of feel. Thank you so much and have a good day!!

!! Thanks a bunch, i’m flattered anyone would come to me for advice >_<. I was going to just link to some resources i remembered from back in the day but apparently searching for “furry lines” these days just yields tutorials on drawing furries ah aha ha >_> So lemme just try to do a quick write up with examples!

"Furry lines" as I call them are a VERY common technique beginner-intermediate artists use. It’s something every artist will naturally break through on their own with more and more practice sketching and drawing, but I think you can expedite the process by identifying why you do it and purposefully working away from it!


Here i’m using gardevoir as a “mental image” of what you want. You want those pretty flowing lines of the figure in your minds eye, but you want to get it just right. You lay down one stroke, and see it’s already wrong, so you go ahead and lay down another to correct it. It’s kinda right, but also kinda wrong, so you try again. Over and over till the end. Over all it looks kinda right.. but the brokeness of the lines destroy the fluidity and well, unintentional “furry” look haha. 

The things you will want to remember is that, you will never get it right in one stroke, especially not in a sketch (which by definition ins’t supposed to be perfect!). You will probably never match exactly whats in your minds eye so there’s no point in trying to get it so precise with so many strokes. Instead focus on LONGER strokes that can still be wrongimage

And when you realize you can’t really be “perfect” you have less urgency to do those short furry lines to get it JUST RIGHT. You become more comfortable getting it all wrong, and going over it again in longer strokes. The end result with a lot of retraining is you still don’t get things perfect, but they are they actually wrong? or just not the same as what you wanted in your mind?

You still need to do lots of personal practice, just practice making long strokes with your ELBOWS and SHOULDERS NOT your fingers! Lots of pages of just lines, random doodles and stuff to understand the feeling of fluidity. Doesn’t have to be something in specific, just teaching your body what feels right and what feels wrong. But coupled with understanding WHY the furry lines are wrong and WHY you want to do it i think will help you move faster. 

I hope this helps you, Anon! Good luck master the non furry lines XD

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I need to stop starting prints so early in the week, i’ll probably finish before the stream on friday LOL

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.. i really wanna do a wind waker ganondorf tribute print.. hm.

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I just found out who really did the snowstorm sivir splash art and i am so dissapoint

idk some kinda sci fi dullahan?


The store is open for 2 weeks! CLICK HERE to visit! In addition to the new charms and necklaces I also put up two original prints :) The store will most likely not open again till the beginning of November with left over stock from AWA. 

You can still get 3 charms for $25, though if one of them is the soot dangle charm you have to add the +$1 adjustment item! Please remember to do so, one for each set you get!

Thank you for your support, I would appreciate if anyone wanted to boost this, especially because i know a lot of people wanted the microbe magical girl but don’t necessarily follow me XD. 

Just a weekend reblog, i probably won’t reblog this again till a few days before i close so don’t worry about spammage!

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Damn, for all the technical skill and cutesy horror that you put into this, I feel ashamed that all i can think is “you forgot the bits of mesentery that would still be hanging off of a freshly ripped…

The mesentery is a membrane attached to your intestines and some other organs to keep them in place and has the blood vessels that supply those organs.

snip for people



Sorry. For the record I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it since its a detail that would only really bother surgeons and med students, and in no way really detracts from the art. I’ll keep my mouth shut rather than say something vague and unexplained next time I want to say something that might overshoot the character limit.

wah no if you’re afraid of going over the limit you can always do this and reblog or just send an ask or fanmail i’d much rather know if i were missing something or doing something wrong. I’d rather omit something on purpose than by accident, and worst case scenerio i did it on purpose and i let you know. in this case i was ignorant and appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me :) And if i did it right i might get extra compliments FROM those med students too =v=  i’m always open to crit/suggestions~

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