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debating if i want to do drifblim sandslash and nidoking cause those are more of my favorites though think they won’t sell nearly as well.. joltiks tho. i think once it’s printed you can over lay it’s mouth on your finger so it looks like it’s nibbling you for static electricity TuT babies

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one time in college my phone went off during class at full volume and my ring tone was this

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I think i lost a whole day yesterday due to sakuracon flights but post Sakura-con thoughts below! I promise we’ll get back to art after this post LOL

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Some people found me at sakuracon and asked me if I was the one with the alpaca…

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If it wasn’t obvious enough yes I bought it

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Mwah my table at sakuracon! Come visit at me at table 210!

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Anonymous whispered,

I just want to say that I really loved your design and that I'm going to cite it as a better alternative to the Pander Suit's stupid heels from now on. However, I'm curious about how the ratio of people attacking you for the crime of improving a terrible design compares to the people like you and I who know that no amount of "BUT THEY'RE ROCKET BOOTS!" can justify the pandering in Pander Suit Samus's new design. How bad is the hate? How vocal is the support?

Sorry I cannot tag posts on mobile wooh sakuracon

Hmm I see this at multiple levels, on the saying shit to my face I can count them on my hand. My face being direct asks or reblogging, I assume most people know the original poster can see all replies lol. Versus hundreds of reblogs and beautiful tags on the posts, the handful of rude comments is barely anything for which I am eternally grateful for.

However on a larger scale, there were posts on the samus tag defending the heels calling fans with critique or criticism overly sensitive feminazi or haters gonna hate etc. and those got thousandssss of supportive notes. They act like people with criticism who get 40 notes are drowning them when they are actually the majority…???

But i like to think on a real life world wide scale people with sense and sympathy for those who wear heels out weighs even those people, they just aren’t on tumblr crying about how dareee people don’t like ugly pointless heels..

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It’s way too early to be conscious much less going through TSA v.v

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there are a lot of things abt bayonetta that are obnoxious but i have a friend who looks exactly freaking like her and it’s really surreal

lmao! I didn’t wanna come too hard down on the mole cause I totally get there are people out there with that one pretty mole but statistiscally speaking freckles are more common irl yet less common in media so that would have been cool to see.

and people with more than like 27 moles on their bodies live longer. and scars actually tell you something about the character, whether they got in a cool fight or slammed the car door on their shin bone. something.

I definitely slammed a car door on my leg.

Anonymous whispered,

Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about the Beauty Mark/Bayonetta mole? It seems to be a pretty love-it-or-hate-it addition.

Eh tbh it seems like lazy character design to me. I don’t have super strong feelings one way or the other but I will say from a design standpoint it seems like they realized they drew a really generic pretty face now (small nose small mouth large made-up eyes, blonde hair blue eyes, narrow chin, flawless complexion etc) and had to add something to make her look distinguishable. 

But instead of making her face more unique or going for something like freckles or *gasp* multiple moles or even a wicked ass scar they went with the least intrusive and most likely seen as something “pretty”, a carefully placed beauty mark lol.

For the record I’d have gone with a sick scar.

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that outfit always makes me cringe.

agreed lol. 

slighty OT: still haven’t figured out who to marry to her yet. last post people replied with their pairings for her so… i grinded her supports for all their suggestions LMAO and my life /o\ precious nowi /o\

welp i said i probably wasn’t gonna finish nowi cause FEA prolly doesn’t sell anymore since it’s old but in the absence of other ideas it’s good to keep working on something instead of you know pooping out terrible feminist commentary allll the time

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Anonymous whispered,

do you mind me asking what your more ideal Samus would be like?

If we’re taking ZSS (cause samus in full armor is always the best to me), here’s one i drew.

Here are some recent ones people drew that i think look cool :)
AnderJak’s & quixoticoperator

I am also partial to Zero mission relax wear samus for off the clock resort wear haha.

Samus can come in any number of designs, any design that respects it’s viewer’s intelligence I think is ideal!

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this is what happens when you can’t stop looking at the tags for something you know will be filled with asinine posts and definitely don’t have the mental endurance to yell at people

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