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Omg this bonus i got from Ink it Labs is killing meeeeeee!! A GIANT BUNNY FLOAT! .. Or a mini bunny float, depending on your perspective XD I love how cool it looks with the new transparency on the soda and glass. Now i want a root bear float, sigh.

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I knew there was one more wack original sprite that haunted my dreams..

Anonymous whispered,

If you were a fruit you'd be a pear.

wuhh.. was this sent to the wrong user.. also such a vague thing to say :Y

Heyyy! I’m gonna be at Anime Weekend Atlanta the end of this week!! aka. AWA

I’m gonna be quiiiite farrrr baaccck, Table 24 on your right as you enter, but near the food! Please look at the map for reference! I’ll be selling prints and all my charms as well. If we are lucky i’ll have  bonus new charm too~

Curious as to how some of them reverse? Check out my charm tag or these few links!

I hope i’ll see some of  you guys there >u< it’s my last con of 2014! Wish me luck :D

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what has my life become

I gave freya a red letter jacket and now she fancies her self a rocker :3. Well she always was one considering her choice of music..

Rest of the colored stuff, one is a request from poshphoto and i finally made a new corner image for my stream since i kept putting it off he he

Thanks to those who dropped by the stream. There will be NO STREAM next week because of AWA, and then the week after that is uncertain because I will be in califonia xOx

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It butterbee, requested by migbox! Almost done streaming, womp womp~

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First request, slow night.. slow.. BRO… *shot*

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Fridayyyy STreaaam probably just working on this thing / doodling / taking fandom request (pokemon, acnl, stuff like that if you follow me you should know what i like :) )

Might end early today if not a lot of interest, i almost forgot it was tonight so i’m kinda pooped Xd

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Because i make ice cream at home we thought I might be the Ice cream wizard. Turns out my idea of an ice cream wizard is pretty useless.. 

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I was going to doodle a little TP x SS Zelda in light of not being able to decide between outfits BUT THEN I REMEMBERED I ALREADY DREW THEM TOGETHER LOL.

I probably posted this already like 2 years ago but w/e, it’s timely to look at it again since i’m so indecisive :/

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I can’t decide on where to pre-order Hyrule Warriors from because idk which bonus outfit i want, life is tough. 

But while i was thinking between Bestbuy and Amazon i found this weird difference in their copy:


The delicate balance of the Triforce has been disrupted, and Hyrule Kingdom is once again being torn apart by a dark power, this time lead by Sorceress Cia. Now it’s up to the legendary hero Link to face hordes of enemies and find missing Princess Zelda. Advance the story to unlock new playable characters, each with unique moves and weapon types…


The delicate balance of the Triforce has once more been rattled and the Hyrule Kingdom has been plunged into disarray thanks to a dark, menacing power led by the evil Sorceress Cia. The beautiful, innocent Princess Zelda has been cruelly captured and is being held prisoner against her will. It is up to you — as the brave and daring Link — to come to her rescue, battling large armies and ravaging entire legions in your pursuit to free Princess Zelda.

Like they clearly were based on the same information / press release but something about Bestbuy’s marketting department really wanted to play up the damsel in distress thing lmao, so WEIRD. YOU, BRAVE AND DARING LINK MUST RESCUE THE BEAUTIFUL AND INNOCENT PRINCESS ZELDA~~~

Sorry but A. Link is a huge akward dork and B. It’s Queen Zelda TYVM

FWIW Gamestop’s site doesn’t have this part of the copy at all. 

I’m so annoyed i thought it was friday LOL, but since it’s thursday i have to do actual work oops v_v

I think i’m gonna do a little thing that takes a self portrait from this to my regular style to chibi to pixel etc etc lol. 

Does this even look like me idk, probably a prettier version of me or something. or lop sided. i can’t.. tell……….*squints*