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I’m flying to Japan tomorrow morning!! I will probably not post much while there, it’s hard for me to keep sketch books and the like. If you want to keep up with my adventures though, I will be tweeting since that seems more appropriate for things like this.

I’ll see you guys on the flipside :)~

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Anonymous whispered,

Will there be a livestream this friday?

Ah sorry no, There won’t be any live stream while i’m in japan, i’m not sure when i’ll start again because they aren’t very well attended or anything haha. 

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useful tools



amazing custom water/light reference tool


online perspective manager/maker

online photoshop


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All ready at AWA this weekend! Prints and charms at tabke W24 (right side wall near the back by the food trucks!)

I am still loving the Mega Slowbro charm I picked up from you!

!!Thank you for purchasing!!

This is the only photo of the charm online i have right now LOL, guys look :D I’m gonna have this in stock when I open my store after i get back from Japan in early november :3!

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High Res Image

i’ve gotten so much done in an attempt to avoid packing lol

High Res Image

I straight up don’t know why i’m not just doing this with pencil on bristol help

You can be 99% sure whenever i make “tutorials” i am procrastinating.

In this case i’m avoiding having to clean my apartment before my friend comes over ಥ_ಥ

For all your spider girl/boy needs.

I’m by no means a spider expert, or a spider owner. I just wanted to get a little PSA going since it’s a pet peeve and halloween / monster girl art is right around the corner.  (who am i kidding monster girl art is all year long you guys)

It’s really tempting to draw a spider-person with human proportions, but for people who watch spiders it’s really weird to see a half spider that looks like it would wobble around like a child on stilts than a spider that can deftly climb and run around lol. If we spend so much time rendering every breast and nipple in ~glorious detail~, we should at least give a little thought to the bottom half too TuT. 

does anyone have experience with either

1. getting gold foil stamp done professionally 

2. gold leafing foil diy

3. gold paint. like really opaque gold paint

Idk what i want to do but i need to do this for at least my own personal copy lmao

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Oh yeah they’ve hit pretty much everyone

I just checked the league of angels tag. Amazing.


Surely, SURELY their original strategy was bullet proof??? ???

pscallops whispered,

Hi, I am Erica ;) How are you today? I am a manager at GameTV. A new game is launching, could you do me a favour and try to play it? Every second player will win a game t-shirt. It is a latest online game, give it a try on my page. Will take you couple of moments. Let my know what you think we can talk. Erica

Guys, League of Angels is so desperate.

Their shitty porn ads aren’t enough.

They’re resorting to making fake tumblr accounts to beg for players.


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i know exactly what i want to convey but i have no idea how to convey it ugH

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! ahh i forgot to cover stuff like twitter activism and hash tags but whatever if you can figure out tumblr tags you can figure out twitter ones. 

i think the biggest barrier to me using twitter was not understanding that @replies were not pushed to feed, because that seemed awfully egocentric to think people cared about every little thing i said or was said to me. once i realized that most people using twitter used it to talk amongst themselves so 50-80% of their tweets were not visible unless you looked for them, it all made more sense. 

this means you can reply to your friends or favorite artists or tweet at shitty companies to tell them they suck and no one is getting that on their feeds. that also means that mutual friends can join in and laugh about the same things, it’s an interesting mix between public and private :O

the ability to mute people without blocking them discourages people from spamming too, because all a mute does is stop them from appearing on your feed unless they @you directly, and they never know if you’ve muted them. this means you can follow people or companies, but not actually listen to them if all they tweet is about their obsession with furbies (once they get over furbies you can unmute them obviously). it also lets you mute people you don’t follow, and RETWEETS from them will not be displayed. so if for example you have a friend who finds jerky-mc-shitpants funny and retweets them too much, you can mute jerky-mc-shitpants and you will never see the retweets of their posts but you still see your friend’s regular tweets. no one will be the wiser..

A built in black list of users you don’t give a shit about basically… *u*

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For people who “get” tumblr but don’t “get” twitter. Like me 3 months ago.

HONESTLY THOUGH IT TOOK ME WAAAAY LONGER TO “GET” TUMBLR LOL. Just to make a point, I’ve been meaning to make something like this for people who don’t understand tumblr and I still haven’t gotten the motivation because it’s 100x more complex and weird to explain lol. I also really like that replies aren’t all auto pushed ala reblogs, because I’m not gonna name any names but some people treat tumblr like an instant messaging service, or they treat it as if it were like twitter but it’s not. /o\

I don’t think i’ll ever make a clean version of this so just take it as is LOL. TuT

You can tweet shit at me now that you understand twitter @Shattered_Earth OKAY?